How to Write a 10000-word Dissertation in a Fortnight

The chances are that you’re probably only left with 16 days to your deadline, and you’re probably wondering how you can achieve to beat this deadline to write a 10000-word dissertation for your undergraduate studies within the specifics. Here are the tips to assist you in writing your dissertation faster.

  • Brainstorm on the potential topics for the first two days

Set aside the first two days to brainstorm on some of the ideas you would like to research. Start by listing down all the topics you have an interest in and then going into each one. You are also free to explore some of the issues in line with your goal or career. You will therefore begin to understand your field better depending on the choices you will make. Ensure that the topic issues are not complex or too vague. After concluding making a decision, try discussing the topics you have with your supervisor or peers before writing.

  • Begin researching the 3rd to 6th Day

You know, have a topic and the approval of your supervisor. It is now the best time to immerse yourself in serious work by conducting in-depth research topics. Do not rely mainly on the search engine because now that you have four days, you can go ahead to the library and look through the past dissertations and journals. Ensure that you gather all the information you need through all resources you can find and ensure that you logically organize them to avoid wasting time as you look for them later in the writing session.

  • Develop outline

If you can remember how you used to create rough outlines for your college essays, then do the same for the dissertation paper. Create Outlines of the sections that you’d want to include and right against them the main points and the areas with the introduction, the literature review, methods, results, conclusion, and references. You must also ensure that you cleared all the main points to Bolster the floor of the paper.

  • Start drafting between the 8th Day and the 12th

You’re only left with five days to complete you’re writing, and you should begin it immediately. That is enough time for you to execute it well. You get advised to break down your writing and finish at least between 1000 to 2000 words per Day because it will save you from burning out and boosting your productivity.

  • Take a Break on the 13th Day

Now that you got done with writing, you’re allowed to rest on the 13th Day because you deserve it. Congratulate yourself as you get ready for the next step.

  • Edit your paper on the 14th Day

You’ve probably written your ten thousand words, and now it’s time for you to polish it before you submit it. During this time, ensure that you objectively read your paper and look at your ideas’ presentation style. Check for any inconsistencies and The Logical flow.

  • Proofread on the 15th Day

Several people always make the mistake of thinking that proofreading and editing are the same things, but that is entirely not true. Editing and tails checking the writing quality and flow as proofreadings mainly involve checking for grammatical, spelling, and errors incurred while typing. Both elements are equally critical for you to submit a well-written paper.

  • Request for feedback on the 16th Day

As you have finally concluded your 10000-word dissertation paper, there is little that remains. Before you go ahead to print and bind it, ensure that you get the tiniest bit of feedback from your supervisor regarding your paper. You can also share a copy with your friend or current so that they can set their fresh eyes on your work to look out for any possible mistake that may arise.


Writing a dissertation can be challenging, and it registers a considerable impact, especially on your grades. If you stick to the 16-day plan to finish your paper on time, then you’ll be so lucky. Most students, however, failed to have the time to complete their writing, and they get caught up with the busy schedules.