How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Usually, this process comes after finishing to get a topic. You have completed the dissertation. Get the topic you need for your dissertation. It is high you got to prepare a dissertation proposal. If you find it challenging to create a topic, you can seek dissertation writing help. 


A dissertation proposal is the starting step of you getting your dissertation and defending it. Your proposal must appear uniquely. And it has to present the method that you will use to do your dissertation. Usually, this section will assist you in arranging your work in order. You will also indicate how you present your intentions, and you collect the data and analyze it. Proposals are like outlines. It will guide you in whatever you are going to do with your dissertation. 

A proposal will give the platform that you will use when you want to bring out a new point to the public. In this stage, you must have come with a relevant topic. The proposal will help you confirm that your chosen topic is in line with what you are studying. A proposal will help you to stay focused in a way that will give you time to finish your work before you graduate. The research proposal will show your supervisor the idea that you can complete your work or joke with your work. 

Writing a dissertation proposal

Every typical proposal contains five sections. That is to say, research questions and introduction, methodology, literature review, research, and objectives. However, you can also put in some other notes in the outlines. It will help you to come up with quality work before you present your dissertation. Putting in additional notes will give your supervisors additional knowledge on the work you are going to research. 

Some universities give their students templates that they use as a guideline for doing the research. But if you don’t have the template. Ask your lecturer how you can also about with finding the structure to writing your proposal.

  • Introduction

Your introduction must have a topic embedded in it. When writing an introduction, it must be enticing so the committee can have an interest in your work. It is the section where you put in the reason you are doing this research, the problem statement, and even the thesis statement. 

  • Literature review

In this section, you will have to look for books, journals, articles in the library. That talk about the topic you are to discuss. A literature review is a section where you add a history to your topic. It is also a place where you will connect your current with the previous research. It is where you will show the essay. You will expand in your study.

  • Methodology

In this section, indicate the tools, the methods. How will you extract data for your essay (dissertation)? It is also a part where you will include information. You will put it in your dissertation.

  • Objectives

It is the section where you put the main goals that you want to achieve. After you have finished doing your research, objectives must be clear and concise, and achievable.

  • Research constraints

This part of the proposal must have the constraints that you are likely to face.


Make sure your mind of the tense that you will use. Remember, you have not done the experiments. It means your tenses will be in future form. Make sure you use simple English. It is because you need your audience to understand. Once you do this, you will get good marks.