Occupations That Need a Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree can give you the upper hand in any career. Several jobs require a Master’s degree, but some organizations’ qualifications need the postgraduate level for you to get fully certified. If you are a Master’s student or want to enroll in a program, then rationale you might be wondering what type of job you do after graduation. Here are some of the jobs that will require a Master’s degree.


Several jobs falling within the education sector will require a different kind of postgraduate degree because they will steer you in developing this skill and set of knowledge which is a must requirement for you to teach on a higher level of the education field.

Secondary education Elaine at the secondary level, you don’t need a Master’s to teach, but you need certification. The PGCE offers 60 credit qualifications in level 7, and you can utilize the credits that you earn to supplement the education for a Master’s program after you graduate.

Higher education

In case you are looking up to teach in universities or colleges, you must have a Master’s degree in the subject area you’re looking up to teach. Must higher education instructors tend to combine the responsibilities they have in teaching with practical work or academic research, and therefore that means you need to get a postgraduate qualification for you to level up to whatever means you want or expertise that you need to attain for you to teach at a certain level?

Education administrator

People having this job stand to help management run schools, universities, and colleges. To qualify for this role, you will have to have a graduate degree, especially in education administration or anything similar to the line of work. You can either have a Master of education or a Ph.D. Most administrators tend to have several years of experience in teaching to develop an in-depth understanding of the education environment.

Instructional coordinator

They are similar to today’s education administrators, and most of the time, they interchange In their Line of work. The title of their own constantly changes with the institution because most museums and libraries would hire coordinate us as most schools will instead settle for an administrator. For you to qualify for this job, most employers will not ask you for a postgraduate degree, but a lot will ask you for a qualification for a Master’s especially in the field of education. 


Since librarians tend to work with online and physical resources, they have to organize, build up and handle collections. It is easy and quite possible for one to become a specialist in a given subject area, holding a first-class degree in bachelors and some work experience working as an assistant in the library. For you to become qualified, you must have a Master’s awarded in librarianship.


To become one of the curators, you must hold a Master’s, especially in curatorial studies. Several applicants have PhDs, which assist them in standing out from the crowd, but it is not an essential requirement. You also need to get ready with a significant amount of experience in your line of work. Unfortunately, it is hard to come by paid internships, and therefore most of the time, you’ll have to sort yourself with volunteer work to build on your curriculum vitae. 

Public health and health care

You don’t need a postgraduate degree to get involved with the public health and healthcare sector. But if you’re planning on having a greater responsibility or want to specialize in a particular area of your studies, you will have to go for a Master’s degree. 


As an epidemiologist, you can either take patient-focused or research-focused roots. Both of these roots presents different challenges and obstacles which are in line with their daily activities. Still, you need to have a master’s in either biological science, statistical science, or public health for you to get them. Several employers tend to ask for Ph.D. certification because Epidemiology is an ultimate career and mainly deals with the academics’ research sector.  Therefore, you need to check through your certificates in case you want to become an epidemiologist so that you meet all the expectations required of you to get certified to become a registered epidemiologist.